Friday, February 26, 2010

OK, I LOVE having a normal day!!!! Today was one of the best days we have had. Spent a couple of hours with my Grammy and Grandpa, took a nap with Haylie, went out to eat with Jason and went grocery shopping. I wrote earlier God blesses Jason and I with not having bad days on the same day, this is the case today. He had a rough day but I was able to help him out. While I miss Cash every day, today was not a bad day for me. I'm still very forgetful, which is not like me at all, and is still bothering me but I'm going to give it another week and see what happens after I get back to work. It may just take me getting back to work to kick my brain into gear. I'm still feeling like I need to get ready to go to clinic or check in to the hospital, but I know I don't. It's just that it has been my reality for the last six months and it has come to a sudden stop. My friend Jenny and I used to say we didn't know how we would handle not having to go to clinic or hospital for treatment. I'm happy to report her son has had his first NED (no evidence of disease) and that is just awesome!!! She was so sweet to drive all the way to Enid to attend Cash's service. We had over 1000 people there, wow!! That little boy touched a lot of people's lives.
I'm having a hard time praying lately, and I think it is because I am just so tired. Even though I am sleeping well at night, I think I have just been so wound up for the past 6 months my body is finally relaxing. So please pray for me since I can't right now. Please don't mistake this as I won't pray, it's just that right now I can't pray. I am trying to read a Max Lucado book that Jason bought and I can't concentrate on that either. Of course, with my mind going a million miles a minute and then not being able to remember anything, it's great! (please note the sarcasm in this last sentence)
Keep praying - Stacie

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