Sunday, June 24, 2012

Catch up time.

So here we go again... I always say I'm going to better at keeping this updated. So since the last update here we go.......
1. We got a new addition to our family. She officially became ours on May 24th and he name is Sydnie Michelle. She is eight years old,getting ready to turn nine.

2. Jason got a new job! Yea! He works longer hours. Boo! The pay is better. Yea!

3. I still struggle. I miss Cash. I know that is only normal, but in my struggle I'm finding more strength.

4. I'm still working on my book. It's not easy, and I feel I really need to be in the right place spiritually to be able to complete it. That's why it is taking so long.

5. My diet starts today! I am officially the biggest I have ever been, I'm not happy and since I can't work out anymore because Jason get's up so early, I have to do the whole diet thing. I can't do what I did last year and work my tail off and eat whatever I want. BOO!

6. I am really going to try to get better at blogging. It's a really great release and much cheaper than therapy.