Friday, March 19, 2010

Haven't been on much - Sorry! I had a rough day on Wednesday. Someone once told me the grief would just hit right out of the blue for no reason. Me, being the type-A planner that I am thought "no way!". It does. It is overwhelming, I can't even explain how it feels. It is just this sudden heart ripping pain, and crying that won't stop and anger, and wanting to scream at the top of my lungs that THIS ISN'T FAIR!!! Oh my gosh, it was just unbelievable. I don't want to do it again. I am a very positive person and I don't get overly emotional about things, and this was all types of emotions that I had no control over. It all lasted about 15 minutes but, trust me, that was long enough. Luckily, it didn't last into the next day, it was over with. Thank goodness.
I am finally almost finished with the thank you notes, I think it will be right around 250 to 300 that get sent out. I have to get that done by this weekend. It's starting to warm up so I know we will start being gone more on the weekends doing things with Haylie. She got to spend the night with some friends on Thursday night and made it all the way through the night!!!! This was a big step for her. She hasn't been able to stay the night since Cash passed away.
On an awesome note, I went to give blood on Thursday and found out that I am CMV negative. That means that I my blood is considered "baby blood" and will only be given to babies. This is so cool, because when Cash had to get blood he had to get 90, Leuko-depleted, irradiated, CMV negative, O Positive. So score, I can give blood and it might go to ped's cancer patients!
Please pray for our dear friends the Zeka's. Their precious daughter Sicily is starting her journey home and her family needs prayers for peace and understanding. They have a strong faith in the Lord and are as comfortable as they can be with this part of things. They have watched Sicily fight much longer than we witnessed Cash's fight, and they know that Sicily will be going home. My momma heart aches for them, but my Christian heart is rejoicing knowing that God will soon be receiving another one of His most wonderful creations.
Keep praying!

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