Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wow, what a busy time it has been! With all of the end of school year things, we have been busy busy busy! Haylie's dance recital is tonight, plus she has has her last day of school next week. Since my last post, a lot has happened. Our little friend Sicily, joined Cash in heaven. My heart aches for her parents, but they are strong in their faith, which will help them a lot. We all, us and my parents, attended the Tough Enough to Wear Pink, event at Remington Park and got to see some of our friends. Asher is getting sooooo big and is doing so good, and our little next door neighbor, (when we were in the hospital for 21 days) Hayley was their and doing so good. Her hair is starting to grow back and she is getting to start the maintenance phase of her chemo. We had a chance meet Linda Webb, Ally's mom from Ally's house and that was wonderful!
I haven't posted because I have been very angry and I didn't want my post to be just ugly. Here is one thing I am going to say. I have been having a real hard time lately dealing with some things. I want to look at people and say, "Really? This is what you are griping about?" "Your life is so little that you have to gripe about THIS?" I am having a hard time feeling sorry for people that are griping about having to stand in line with their kids, not being able to get anything done because they are tired, or NEVER saying anything nice or positive. This never used to bother me before but now, I just want to look at them and say, you know, I'm not going to sympathize with you. You have NOTHING to be upset about.
OK enough about that. We have a lot planned this summer for some fundraising for some organizations. Our Relay for Life event is July 10. We are having a toy drive and fundraiser July 17 for the children at Children's Hospital. Then, we are having the Gold Ribbon Ride on September 11 for Ally's House. Plus on top of this, here is the official announcement, we are getting ready to adopt a girl. We have completed our initial paperwork, done a preliminary background check, had our first home visit, and now we are going to sign up to take our classes and then we will have 2 more home visits and THEN hopefully we will be ready to move forward, but somewhere in all of this, I have to have my gallbladder taken out. It has decided to stop working. It's probably from eating hospital food and vending machine food for 6 months out of the past year. UGH! But you know me, if I'm not going at 90 mph and have a purpose, I'm just not happy. So, my new goal in life is to make everyone more aware of Childhood Cancer and to tell Cash's story and the story's of his friends, the survivors and the angels. God blessed me with a loud voice and an extroverted personality for a reason I guess.
I will try to post more, but for tonight that's all. Time to get the princess ready for her recital......

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  1. Oh Stacie, so happy to hear about the adoption, i am hoping and praying for you all that it will move quickly. I so understand what you mean about people whining, I said something about Ashers treatment at work one time and one of my coworkers compared his wifes cats illness to Ashers journey. Can you imagine i was ready to knock him out? Yeah... I do have to say that when i whine and complain about having to go here and there I think about you all and remind myself that we should be happy to do this. You really don't know how much Cash, you and your family has impacted us and inspire us everyday. Thank you.