Monday, August 2, 2010

August events and ramblings..........

A year ago this week, we were in St. Mary's with the "mystery" illness. Jason leaves for the Oklahoma Sheriff's Association Conference this week and he is a little anxious. We have already faced our first Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter and Haylie's Birthday. But this will be the first "Cash Anniversary". August 16th will also mark two days. 1-it is the day we brought Cash home from the hospital thinking he had a Wilm's Tumor and 2- it is our 6 month mark. I don't know why I needed to make it to 6 months, but I feel it will be a significant mark. Around the 6 month mark, we will be starting on a project that will hopefully expand into something bigger. You may or may not notice the last blog was deleted. I have decided to keep some of my opinions to myself. There has been some conversations in the last couple of weeks that have been extremely tough to handle and very hurtful. I am asking all of you to pray for us. No, we are not having marital problems, but we need prayers for soft hearts and easy tounges and tempers. We know something said in anger is a sin, so we both (Jason and I) are trying to not quickly respond in these situations. I'm very proud of Jason and how he is handling himself. However, I am having a little bit more of a struggle. I am a fixer. I need to fix a hurt, and I can't. I will not elaborate on this any further, but I am asking, like I have in the past, please pray for these things.
I am going to try to start working on my book this week. Since Jake is going to be gone, and we are trying to get Haylie into the swing of school, she is going to bed earlier so I will have some time at night to start typing on this. The one thing I needed so desperately was a mom. I needed another mom who had been through what I was going through. If my book can help just one mom and Cash can still touch lives, it will be worth it. I have also been feeling the tug for a change. It really pulled at me while Cash was in treatment and it has really been working overtime the last couple of weeks. I have made a decision to go back to school. This will not happen for a while because of some goals Jason and I have set for him, but probably within the next 2 to 3 years I will go OU and get ANOTHER degree. My, OSU family, please don't freak out!!! OU offers an accelerated RN, BSN program and since I already have one degree, this program works well with that. I have been trying to fight this urge, but when you are led to do something, you really can't ignore it. UGH, I guess I should have just finished this degree the first time, then God wouldn't have to be working so much overtime to get me in gear. I hate it when God kicks me in the butt. Gonna go for now, I need to get some sleep so I can be at my best tomorrow!

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